Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis flower, topicals, edibles, beverages, vape cartridges, tincture/sublingual products, and transdermal products are all available. Choose a store and visit our online menu to browse through our current inventory. For more information about cannabis forms, check out our Guide to Consumption Types.

The proper dosage of medical cannabis will be different for each person and will vary depending upon which method of consumption is used. It is important to start with a low dose, and gradually increase until you learn what works best for you. Read A Guide to Consumption Types and THC Dosage: What’s the Right Dose for You before started, in order to learn more about the differences between each method.

This process will be different for everyone. The effects produced by each strain of cannabis will differ depending upon the strain type, the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Typically, a patient will start by deciding whether they are looking for a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strain. Read the information on A Guide to Cannabis Strains and What Are Terpenes and What Do They Do in order to better understand how to select the best strain for you and what to expect.

Each person is unique. When first start using cannabis, start with a low dosage, and take it slow. Journal the effects and duration and slowly build up to the dosage which is most effective for you. Using the minimum amount of product for the maximum effect is ideal. For more information, check THC Dosage: What’s the Right Dose for You?

No. Possession and distribution of cannabis by any person remains a criminal offence under federal law.

Our website offers convenient order-ahead and pick-up in-store purchasing. Some Ascend locations offer free delivery. You can place your order by visiting our menus, selecting your desired products and submitting your order online

We will send you a text message when your order is ready to be picked up.

Cannabis MUST be stored in a safe location out of the reach of the vehicle operator, in a “reasonably secured, sealed container and reasonably inaccessible while the vehicle is moving. The safest place is probably in the trunk.

It is illegal to consume cannabis and operate a motor vehicle under any circumstance.

Ascend operates both adult-use and medical dispensaries (some dispensaries serve both audiences). Before shopping, review our list of locations to ensure that the store you are planning to visit sells adult-use cannabis. For more information about the laws and regulations in your state, check out our Resources by State.

Click here to review the laws and the regulations for the state you live in.

Each state has different regulations around the amount of cannabis you can purchase each day.  This amount is also different for adult-use customers versus medical patients. Check out our Resources by State to review the rules and regulations for your state.

Each Ascend location has different policies around payment types. Review the location page of your chosen store before shopping. To be safe, every store accepts cash and many have an on-site ATM machine.