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Ascend has two cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts -- one in Boston and one is Newton. We also have a location opening soon in New Bedford. All stores feature our high-quality offering of top-shelf, curated brands and knowledgable staff of expertly trained budtenders. Products can be ordered online for pick up and delivery. Choose a store below to being your journey!

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Yes, cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use in the state of Massachusetts. Medical cannabis use was introduced in 2012 to qualifying patients. Recreational use for adults 21 years and older was legalized in 2016. The first sale of recreational cannabis was on November 20, 2018. Cannabis delivery is allowed.

Adults 21 years and older may purchase cannabis with a valid ID, including visitors from out-of-state. Adults 21 years of age and older may possess:

  • One ounce of cannabis, of which not more that 5 grams can be a concentrate
  • Up to 10 ounces of cannabis and any marijuana produced by plants cultivated on the premises
  • Up to six mature plants for personal use, with a maximum of 12 plants per residence regardless of how many people. They must not be viewable to the public.

Any Massachusetts resident 21 years and older (or 18 years and older with a caregiver) with a qualifying medical condition can apply for a medical marijuana registration card. (Appointing a Caregiver is optional for persons over the age of 21. A Caregiver is strongly recommended if you have a disability that makes medical marijuana difficult to acquire or consume.). Visit the “Patient and Caregivers” page on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission website for more information and a link to the online application form. A registered medical marijuana patient is allowed to possess a 60-day supply of cannabis; this amount is left to the discretion of their physician, but must not exceed 10 ounces

No person shall consume marijuana in a public place or smoke marijuana where smoking tobacco is prohibited. The law does allow localities to set regulations for public consumption sites, but not all cannabis use.



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Pulling up to the sesh after after stopping at Ascend.
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Does anyone else get main character energy when they pop open a d00b tube? Just us? Ok 🔥💨
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Thursday to-do list: rip, cough, repeat

📍Ozone concentrates now in MA

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Cultivated with care, no matter the product. Let's Ascend!

📹: @_thedroneguy_/@petemangin 

21+ | Educational | Not for sale
Ozone distillate vape cartridges: high-potency distillate oil combined with 100% all- natural, botanically derived terpene blends with no other additives or fillers.

Catch this product at all Ascend Massachusetts locations!

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Ozone live resin cartridges capture the essence of flower in its truest form. Our strains are cultivated & harvested carefully to preserve the perfect balance of terpenes. To ensure that every cartridge elevates your experience, we extract at ultra-low temperatures under ideal conditions.

Catch these Ozone products at all Ascend Massachusetts locations!

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🍿 If you need a snack to bring to the party... 

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🚨 COMING SOON in Massachusetts! 🚨

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🚨 COMING SOON in Massachusetts! 🚨

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