Illinois Cannabis Resources

Important Information

Is cannabis legal in the state of Illinois?
Yes, cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use in the state of Illinois. Medical cannabis use was approved on January 1, 2014 to qualifying patients. Recreational use for adults 21 years and older was legalized on January 1, 2020. Delivery is still currently prohibited, but most Ascend dispensaries offer curbside pickup.

What are the recreational cannabis regulations for Illinois?
Adult residents of Illinois 21 years and older can possess up to 30g of flower, 5g of concentrates, and 500mg of infused products such as edibles or tinctures. Out-of-state residents 21 years and older can purchase cannabis products with the proper ID, but quantity limits are half for non-residents.

What are the medical-use cannabis regulations for Illinois?
Medical patients with qualifying conditions (list can be found on the Illinois Department of Health website) have been able to access medicinal cannabis since January 1, 2014. While cannabis is now recreationally legal in the state, patients can choose to apply for a medical card, and then may legally possess up to 2.5 oz of cannabis within any given two-week period. Out-of-state medical cards are not accepted in Illinois, but out-of-state adults 21+ with a valid ID may purchase recreationally.

Can I use cannabis products in public in the state of Illinois?
In Illinois legal cannabis use is limited to the home, and it is illegal to consume in public places, on or near school property, and in a motor vehicle. The state does not allow consumption lounges. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.

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